He understands the necessity for both patience and haste. He has his finger on the pulse of the market and knows how to effectively navigate the available inventory with even the pickiest of buyers.

But only an exceptional realtor can do all of these things and goes out of his way, by his own initiative, to continue to support, serve, and care for the clients' overall home-buying experience 8 months after the final papers are signed! Jack Morse is such a realtor. Jack's ethical code is steadfast and his ability to resolve conflict while maintaining the professional and personal respect of his colleagues and clients is simply remarkable. His concern for his clients' best interest is nothing but genuine and his attentiveness and commitment does not wane simply because he has "closed the deal." His keen knowledge of the market, his quick attention to detail and his extensive network of highly skilled and loyal resources only add to his outstanding reputation. He is a true champion for his clients and one of the most impressive professionals I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I cannot recommend his service enough.

Dan & Angela McDonald


We worked with Jack last Spring to sell a property we had owned for 13 years. Our experience could not have been better. Not only did the property sell in record time, but we received multiple offers in less than 24 hours! Jack's knowledge of real estate and his negotiating skills provided the expertise we needed to get the best price and close within two weeks. I highly recommend Jack if you are looking for a realtor with experience and enthusiasm. - Laura Lee

Very Professional Experience

We have worked with Jack with 2 homes he sold. He was always helpful, very professional and available. We saw good results!
~ Ken and Mary Ann Corman


We've had Jack as our realtor for seven real estate transactions, and our family members used him for two more. He's become a good friend over the past twelve years!
- Connie & Carl